Defensive Driving

Drive Home Safe Driving School prides itself as a leading defensive driving institute in Illinois. The only driving school that utilizes current and former police officers that have taught The Emergency Vehicle Operators Course during there careers. The instructors are known as experts in their field and have a reputation second to none, Dennis Harper is a Top Driver in the field of instructing defensive driving. He has taught the Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC) not only to police officers throughout Illinois but, has taught the Train the Trainer EVOC to instructors at the Chicago Fire Academy in Chicago Illinois for many years, sharing his knowledge with highly trained instructors at the fire academy, so they could teach Chicago Fire Department ambulance drivers the same driving technics that saved thousands of dollars in vehicle damages and countless amounts of needless injuries to police officers around Illinois. Our instructors will teach all student drivers to avoid accidents and/or reduce the severity of an accident if it were unavoidable, by utilizing advanced driving technics that only Drive Home Safe Driving School has the experience and knowledge to teach. NOW YOU can learn to drive safely like emergency professionals do.